class mics.pooledsample(iterable=0)[source]

A python list, but with special extensions for dealing with collections of sample objects. For instance, subsampling() and averaging() can be called for all samples simultaneously. There is also a method for creating a mixture object directly from a pooledsample.

averaging(properties, combinations={}, **constants)[source]

Calls averaging() for all samples in the list.

Parameters:Same as in sample.averaging().
Returns:pandas.DataFrame – A data frame containing the computed averages and combinations, as well as their estimated standard errors, for all samples.
histograms(property='potential', bins=100, **constants)[source]

Generates a mixture object.

Parameters:engine (MICS or MBAR)

Calls subsampling() for all samples in the list.

Parameters:Same as in sample.subsampling().
Returns:pooledsample – Although the subsampling is done in line, the new pooled sample is returned for chaining purposes.